Community Snapshot

A large collection of counties, some 628, that runs across the northern half of the country, starting up in Maine through the Great Lakes and across to Montana and Washington state.

Wealth in Rural Middle America sits below the national average, with a median household income of $61,300. Educational attainment is at the lower end of the spectrum. In these counties, just 22% have college degrees, 12 points lower than the national average. Access to healthy food in these communities is favorable, with a Food Environment Index of 8.1, above the national average of 7. Although this food is available, these communities still experience a high rate of adult obesity, 37% compared to 32% nationally. Despite this, healthcare seems accessible here, with only 8% of the population uninsured, 2 points lower than the national rate. Broadband access stands at 83%, which is 4 points below the national average. Voter turnout mirrors the national average of 68%.

Educational Attainment

22% Bachelor's Degree

% of residents who have at least a bachelor’s degree

Vol. 3 2020-2021

Deaths of Despair Across America

The American Communities Project is undertaking a 30-month study of Deaths of Despair in its 15 community types.

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