Community Snapshot

These counties are heavily rural and based primarily in the southwest, though there are some large urban areas in Texas and Florida that also fall within the group.

Just over 12 million people live in Hispanic Centers. Only about 17% of these individuals hold a bachelor’s degree and the average median annual income sits low at $45,800. Many people living in these communities recognize health as an issue. Nearly a quarter of residents report fair or poor health, about 10% more than the national average. In addition to experiencing poor health, these communities have limited access to care. About 19% of people in Hispanic Centers are uninsured, possibly due to documentation issues, nearly twice the national average. However, the insurance barrier is only a part of the problem as these areas have fewer options for medical care. On average, Hispanic Centers carry the burden of an additional 1,000 people per primary care physician compared to the rest of the country.

Uninsured Population

19% Uninsured

Percentage of population under age 65 without health insurance

Vol. 3 2020-2021

Deaths of Despair Across America

The American Communities Project is undertaking a 30-month study of Deaths of Despair in its 15 community types.

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