Community Snapshot

Marked by the presence of troops and bases, these 77 counties are located largely in rural locales.

The median household income in Military Posts is $63,600, below the national average. These communities are fairly well-educated compared to other American Communities Project types — 31% of residents have a college degree. Despite the high levels of education, the youth of the counties in this type shines through incidents involving alcohol and sexually transmitted infections. These communities report 2 percentage points more alcohol impaired driving deaths and 34 more cases of sexually transmitted disease per 100,000 population than the national averages. Physical health is not emphasized as much here as in other places, with adult obesity climbing 3 points above the national average and physical inactivity hovering above the average as well. Meanwhile, voter turnout is 4 points below the national average of 68%. Broadband access stands at 88%, just above the national average.

Adult Obesity

36% Obese Population

Percentage of adults that report a BMI of 30 or more

Vol. 3 2020-2021

Deaths of Despair Across America

The American Communities Project is undertaking a 30-month study of Deaths of Despair in its 15 community types.

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